Dryantilla – Wife

Sulpicia Dryantilla

Wife of Regalianus

Sulpicia Dryantilla was the daughter of Sulpicius PoIho and Claudia Ammiana. Dryantilla was most likely the wife of Regalianus at the time of his usurpation following the death of Valerian I. Other than these basic facts, nothing else has survived.

Monetary System

The coinage struck in the name of Dryantilla is typically overstruck on coinage of previous Emperors. Specimens executed on good silver issues are extremely rare. Most surviving specimens are purely overstruck upon bullion issues of later Emperors.

Mints: Carnuntum.

Obverse Legend:



AR Antoninianus (overstruck of AR denarius)
AR Antoninianus (overstruck of AR Antoninianus)


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