Hostilian – 251 AD


251 AD

Gaius Valens Hostilianus Messius Quintus was the younger son of Trajan Decius and Herennia Etruscilla. In 251 AD, his older brother Herennius Etruscus was raised to the rank of Augustus and Hostilian was given the rank of Caesar. While his father and brother were campaigning against the Goths, Hostilian had remained in Rome with his mother. Upon receiving word that both his father and brother were massacred at Abrittus by the Goths, Decius’ leading general Trebonianus Gallus was proclaimed Emperor.

To some degree, many blamed Gallus for failing to prevent the massacre of Decius and his eldest son. To placate supporters of Decius, Gallus allowed Herennia to retain the title of Augusta and raised the young Hostilian to the rank of Augustus as his co-ruler. To further strengthen the bond, Hostilian’s sister was married to Volusian, the son of Trebonianus. Unfortunately, Hostilian’s rule as Augustus proved to be very brief. After a very short reign, Hostilian died of plague in 251 AD, which devasted the population at that time. Herennia faded into history and Gallus, along with his own son Volusian, were murdered by their own troops in 253 AD.

Monetary System

Note:Gold coinage of Hostilian as Augustus is not known. It is quite possible that none was struck due to the fact that he died very shortly after receiving the rank of Augustus.

Mints: Rome

Obverse legend:



As Caesar

AU Aureus (6.54 grammes)
AR Antoninianus
AR Quinarius
Æ Sesterius
Æ Dupondius or As

As Augustus

AR Antoninianus
Æ Sesterius
Æ As

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