Leo II – 473-474 AD

Leo II

473-474 AD

Grandson Leo I – Son of Zeno

Leo II was the son of Zeno and Ariadne. Leo II was born about 467 AD and was raised to the rank of Augustus by his grandfather, Leo I, in October, 473. Following the death of Leo I less than four months later, the infant Leo II was left as sole ruler. Unfortunately, Leo II was a rather sickly child and it was rightly feared that he did not have long to live. Accordingly, the Empresses Ariadne and his grandmother, Verina, instructed him to crown his father co-Emperor. The coronation of Zeno thus took place in the Hippodrome on February 9th, 474 AD. Indeed, Leo II died only nine months later, leaving his father Zeno as sole occupant of the imperial throne.

Monetary System

Note: It seems that there were no coins of Leo II issued prior to the elevation of Zeno on Feb. 9th, 474 AD. The portrait on the coins of the joint reign is, presumably, intended to represent the young Leo II, though with the highly stylized iconography of this period the question has little relevance.

Mints: Constantinople

Obverse Legends:



AU Solidus (4.50 grams)
AU Semissis (2.25 grams)
AU Tremissis (1.45 grams)


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